Retro Campers for sale

Percy (Danbury) £15,000
Aircooled 2003 Danbury.
What a fun camper he is with full camping interior.

  • Percy
  • Percy IMG 1319
  • Percy backseat

Brian (Devon) £15,000
Aircooled 1979 Devon, a great old retro camper, drives well.
This has the best roof you can have with a camper, creating plenty of storage and the largest bed, a great family camper.

  • Brian
  • Brian camping
  • Brian Interior

Poppy (Westfalia) £25,000
Aircooled 1970Westfalia, what an absolute peach of a camper, hence the price.
Only one patch of welding, not bad for a 50 year old camper.

  • Poppy 3
  • Poppy buddy seat
  • Poppy side & roof